What is the difference between shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server

Many of you know what hosting is (click on the link if you don’t know), but not so many of you know the difference between shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. These terms are commonly used in this environment and you should be familiar with them if you are considering hosting your web project.

Have you read what to take into account when hiring a hosting?

shared hosting


A wrong decision in this regard can be very costly. Remember that it is never too late to fix a specific problem, but you could lose visitors, recognition, and even customers in the process. So let’s take a look at what each of our hosting plans offers. In this way, you can use our analysis to see the differences between them and assess which is the best for you.

What is a shared hosting?

With shared hosting, you share the server’s hardware and software resources. In other words, the hosting company allocates a dedicated space on a server shared with other users to your web project. The percentage of resources depends on what you have contracted with the company (RAM, bandwidth, disk space, etc.).


  • It has a cheaper price
  • The company takes care of the server maintenance
  • Allows multi-domains
  • It has specialized technical service


  • Resources, when shared, are limited
  • Unable to customize server settings
  • Server security flaws will affect all your web pages
  • There is the possibility of excess consumption by other users that affect your website

What is a VPS or a Virtual Private Server ?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual partition created on a physical server. This partition has its own resources and the operating system installed on it has direct access to the root directory of the server. This is one of the most requested hosting plans by users, as having a private resource dedicated to your website, even within shared hosting, can provide you with more stability and security. It is an intermediate solution for those who need more resources than a normal hosting package offers, but do not yet need their own server.


  • It is more reliable and faster than a shared server
  • You are not affected by the problems of other users
  • Your databases and files are protected from other users
  • It is very easy to scale resources if your needs increase


  • It has a higher price than shared hosting
  • Requires technical knowledge to manage it
  • If you do not know how to configure it correctly, you may have security problems
  • You have limits to host web pages on the server

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server dedicated to the client, that is, a server that is not shared with other users. The company is responsible for the maintenance of the server hardware, while the rest of the management can be done by the client through the administration panel. It is the most complete service offered by a web hosting company, and it is the type of hosting that large companies that need large amounts of resources with some agility tend to hire.


  • It has more security by not sharing space with other users’ projects
  • Requires little updates or maintenance
  • Allows you to host any type of digital platform, not just web pages
  • Accepts any operating system


  • It is more expensive than other types of accommodation
  • Requires prior training to be able to operate the control panel
  • Some updates or changes may need someone with more knowledge
  • A mistake in the administration or configuration can bring down all the work

Practical and realistic differences between shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

Now that we have clarified the different hosting configurations, let’s see the differences between them and when it is preferable to choose one over the other. The difference between shared hosting and VPS is that both share a physical server, but a VPS is a virtual space dedicated to your project and does not share resources with other users of that server. Most importantly, you get better security for your databases and files.

A dedicated server means that you have an entire physical server just for your project, and you don’t share it with other users as is the case with shared or VPS hosting. If you really need a lot of resources or if you have a lot of visits, you should hire a dedicated server.